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Hopkinton State Park
  • All cars should enter the park via the gate on HOWE ST not Rt 85 from April 4 to May 23 (Spring Season) and September 6 to November 15 (Fall Season). Outside these dates entry is by the main park entrance on Rt 85 when the $5 parking fee per vehicle will apply. (No charge if entering after 5PM)
  • There is absolutely NO PARKING allowed on Howe St or on the park roadside or fields. All cars should be parked in the lot near the beach. Cars that are illegally parked will be issued with parking citations and may be towed.
  • Coaches are allowed to open the gate in the chain link fence to allow pick up and drop off of players.
  • At the conclusion of practice each evening, the last coach off the field is responsible for locking the gate in the chain link fence and the big brown gate. NOTE: This gate can be heavy and difficult to manipulate but it MUST BE LOCKED at the end of the evening.
  • If there is no one on the soccer field and there are still cars in the parking lot, LOCK THE GATE. Anyone in the parking lot not associated with Ashland or Hopkinton soccer should have entered through the main gate on Rt 85.
  • Everyone is to be out of the park before it closes. As the time of closing varies throughout the season coaches are responsible for finding out the closing time.
  • The goals will be anchored and should NOT be moved for any reason!
  • Corner flags are stored in the locker against the fence. Corner flags should be used for all games and returned to the locker after the last game of the day.
  • Spectators should keep to the sideline nearest to Howe Street. The opposite sideline is for registered coaches and players only. There should be no spectators behind or near to the goals. Coaches are asked to enforce this.
  • Coaches are asked to ensure that all trash including empty water bottles are removed from the field area after each practice and game. This includes any trash left from visiting teams. Coaches should bring a trash bag with them, as HSP will not supply one, and dump the trash in the HSP dumpster.