Homepage for Ashland Mass Youth Soccer Teams, fields, programs, registration and documents.

Rules for all fields
  • Coaches are asked to ensure that all trash including empty water bottles are removed from the field area after each practice and game. This includes any trash left from visiting teams. At Hopkinton State Park the trash can be dumped in the dumpster.
  • Coaches should remind parents and opposition coaches that dogs are not permitted at practices and games. An excited or charged atmosphere at a game could prove to be upsetting to some dogs.
  • Any issues regarding the field conditions i.e. playing surface, lines or other concerns should be raised with the Field Director immediately.
  • Only scheduled practices and games should be using the fields at the allotted times.

  • Coaches should use common sense when deciding to practice on any of the fields during or following wet weather. Their first priority should be to safeguard the playing conditions of the field for the season.