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Ashland Youth Soccer is always looking for parents to help with coaching, scheduling, team creation or curriculum creation. Reach out to our AYS Registrar if any of the above interests you.

We are grateful for your time and commitment to the Ashland Youth Soccer Program! We couldn't run the program without you.


MANDATORY for ALL AYS Volunteers, Coaches, and Assistant Coaches


In order to ensure the safety of all players, there are new Massachusetts and US Soccer guidelines for all coaches/volunteers.


All volunteers must complete the Massachusetts Youth Soccer Association (MYSA)/US Soccer Adult Registration process.  Note that this process takes some time, so if you will be coaching for an upcoming season, please complete ASAP.


Click here to go to instructions on how to complete an Adult Registration, and the U.S. Soccer Connect Adult Registration page.


Once you complete the registration portion of the process, the AYS Registrar will confirm you as a coach, and your CORI check/Background check will be conducted by the state.  In the meantime, you should complete the remainder of the registration process including the SafeSport and Concussion training. (All instructions for these are outlined in the link above).


Finally, send a copy of your driver’s license to the AYS Risk Manager at


Required Coach Identification at ALL Games and Practices

**At this time, the risk manager is unable to print Coaching Credentials with the new Stack Safe Soccer system.  Due to this temporary problem, BAYS has approved the following workaround for coaches**

Town registrars will continue to work to make sure all coaches: 

1. Are Registered and Confirmed in Stack

2. Have a valid and APPROVED photo upload (Green Dot)

3. Have an APPROVED iCORI Clearance Status

  • Once coaches have met those 3 conditions, registrars can list them on a BAYS team roster.  

  • Coaches who complete the above steps must bring a government issued photo ID or a picture of that photo on ID on their phone to the fields with them

  • Prior to kickoff at every game, referees will ask ALL coaches on the sidelines to show them a government issued photo ID or a picture of a government issued ID on their phone, which will then be matched against the coach names listed on the roster.

Only coaches who have a valid ID and are listed on a team roster will be allowed on the sideline with the kids.

  1. ​​If a team has a substitute coach for a game and the coach is not listed on that team's roster, the coach must be listed on a valid roster from another team in that club, show the referee that roster, and show the referee a government issued photo ID or a picture of a government issued ID on their phone.
  • NO Credential Lanyard or Coaches Card will be required at this time. 


Once Coaching Credentials are able to be printed in the new Stack Safe Soccer program, the following will be required:

Upon completion of the Adult Registration, CORI Approval, Concussion Training certification, and Safe Soccer Training, the Registrar will issue you a MYSA Coaching Credential.

As a coach, you are required to carry your MYSA Coaching Credentials (worn on lanyard) at all times (games and practices).

The Risk Manager will notify the coaches when Coaching Credentials are printed, and ready to be picked-up at their home in Ashland.


Ashland Youth Soccer has equipment to help you coaching your team. We have pinnies, first aid kits, cones and other gear to help you. If needed, reach out to our equipment coordinator