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Field Dimensions

The field sizes for U6 to U12 are the recommended guidelines based on the US Youth Soccer Modified Rules for U6 to U12 Play. For complete information, go to www.usyouthsoccer.org. Each league may vary by age group.

Surface: Flat, level surface with grass cut to no more than 2.5 inches high, and with no dangerous defects such as exposed sprinkler heads.

Goals: Posts and cross bars should be five inches wide, and the net should be secured to the posts and cross bar. For information on how to properly anchor a soccer goal, review the Guidelines for Movable Soccer Goal Safety.

Markings: Five-inch-wide white lines delineating regulation field, including restraint lines for spectators. The restraint lines should be painted a different color and a minimum of 5 feet from the edge of the touchline. Spectators and players should be on opposite sides of the field. The Corner Arc should be a one-yard radius.

Equipment: Regulation corner flags and posts and mid-field markers shall be used.

Format Age Groups Recommended Time Field Size Goal Size
3 v 3 u6 (K) 30 Minute scrimmage + 30 minute practice 20 yds x 30 yds  
4 v 4 u7 (Gr 1) Two 25 minute halves 25 yds x 40 yds  
6 v 6 u8 and u9 (gr 2-3) Two 25 minute halves 35 yds x 55 yds 12 ft x 6 ft
8 v 8 u11 & u12 Two - 30 minute halves 50 yds x 70 yds 18 ft x 6 ft
11 v 11 u14 Two - 35 minute halves 100-130 yds x 50-100 yds 24 ft x 8 ft