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Based on a 1 hour to 1 hour 15 minute practice, which is what most of our teams do.


  1. First 10 minutes:  Ensure that the kids get a proper warm-up.  Try to get them in the habit of not shooting when they get there and juggle instead while they wait (just feet at times no thighs).  Make it fun and a friendly competition with their teammates or can they beat their previous record.


  1. Minutes 10 – 25:  Get into individual ball work.  No more than 3 -  4 kids per line.  Use cones and make your line about 10 – 15 yards long.  Various touches on the ball, various moves and various turns should be used during this time.  You can look up technical soccer drills online.  Plenty of stuff out there and on the AYS site under documents.


  1. Minutes 25 – 40:  Get into some sort of passing drill (vary them from static to moving).  Many things to focus on here:
    1. First touch when receiving
    2. Striking the ball with instep or laces
    3. How do we keep the ball on the ground or get it over the defenders
    4. Playing short 5 – 10 yards or longer 15 – 25 yards (depends on age group)


  1.  Minutes 40 – 55:  Here is where you can work on some shooting, defending or attacking.  All three are equally important.  You can do it in small groups or individually (the only thing we recommend is that no one has more than 2 – 3 players in front of them before they go again…repetition is key.)  For example, using a passing sequence with three players leading into a shot is preferred than just one shooter.


  1. Minutes 55 – 75:  Time to play small sided.  Try to let them play the first 5 minutes without any coaching.  At that point if there are things you want to correct, feel free to step in.  See if they are trying the things you worked on throughout the practice.  Also, here is where you can step in and work on spacing, offensive runs and defensive shape.

There are so many things to work on in this beautiful game and only so much time.  Just try and make the most of the time we have with these players and keep it fun and motivational for them.