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MANDATORY for ALL AYS Volunteers, Coaches, and Assistant Coaches


Ashland Youth Soccer is always looking for parents to help with coaching, scheduling, team creation or curriculum creation. Reach out to if any of the above interests you.  AYS is grateful for your time and commitment to the Ashland Youth Soccer Program! We couldn't run the program without you.


There are 3 required steps before you can be approved to volunteer:

  1. When you register your child for the season, click on the volunteer option in the AYS online registration.  (This can be done even if your child is already registered.)
  2. Complete the Adult/CORI Registration process with Massachusetts Youth Soccer Administration (MYSA). Detailed information on completing these steps is below.  If you need help, please contact the registrar, .
  3. Send a copy of your driver's license to the AYS CORI submitter, Lori Henault at  .


Required Coach Identification

If you are coaching a TRAVEL team (grades 4-12) you are REQUIRED to carry TWO pieces of identification at all times during the season:

- Coach ID wallet card issued by Bay Area Youth Soccer (BAYS)

- Coach credentials (worn on lanyard) issued by MYSA


If you are coaching an IN-TOWN team (grades Pre-K to 3), you are REQUIRED to carry ONE piece of identification at all times during the season:

- Coach credentials (worn on lanyard) issued by MYSA


Once you have completed the volunteer 1-3 steps above, these IDs will be printed for you and can be picked up at the CORI Submitter’s home in Ashland.  Contact Lori Henault ( ) for details.


(1) Verify your Volunteer Status

Log into your family’s AdminSports account, which is accessed through the AYS website (this is the account where you register your kids each season). Under "Participant Information" there is an Options header. If your name isn't shown, click the Volunteer button and fill in the requested information. If your name is shown, click on it and update all information, especially contact information and your date of birth.




When you volunteer, you need to upload a photo of yourself.  Per steps below:


(2) Register with MYSA (Mass Youth Soccer Association) and Verify your CORI Status.

All coaches and volunteers MUST Complete an Adult Registration with Massachusetts Youth Soccer Association every year - Please follow the instructions below for Adult Registration with MYSA:

Please visit the Massachusetts Youth Soccer Association website and follow the instructions to complete the Adult Registration process.


Important Notes for Adult Registration:

  • You will be required to upload a head shot photo during the Adult Registration process.
  • Please make sure to have a photo available on the system (computer, phone, tablet, pad) you are using to register. 
  • Please use your full legal first and last name (no shortened version) when completing your adult registration.
  • Please double check when choosing your organization(s) for your Adult Registration.
  • If you are having difficulties completing or linking to your last year’s Adult Registration information, please do not create a duplicate registration.  We ask that you call the Affinity Sports Helpline at 800.808.7195 if you need assistance. 


(3) Complete CORI Request Application (Mass Youth Soccer Association)


- If you have registered before, verify that your CORI is current. When you login to your MYSA Adult Registration, click on the “Applications” tab underneath your picture. Here you will see the “Expire Date” of your CORI. To be valid for the current season, the expiration date must be AFTER the end of the season.

- If your CORI has expired or will expire before the end of the season, submit a new CORI application.  This will take 1-2 weeks to process.

- Send a copy of your driver's license to the AYS CORI submitter, Lori Henault at  .


**Detailed instructions for completing steps 2 and 3

 can be found here.**


Please call the Affinity Sports Helpline at 855-703-2558 if you need assistance completing your adult registration or CORI request application. If you cannot reach them, email Lori Henault at   (Ashland Youth Soccer CORI Submitter).